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How to eat pineapple

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When I was a child, we usually ate canned pineapple in Japan. Fresh pineapple was very rare at that time.

Then when I lived in Hong Kong, I saw a lot of fresh pineapples were sold at vegetable stores. I told my friends that eating fresh pineapple made my tongue and lips feel like burning.

Then one of my Chinese friends told me how to eat fresh pineapple. Well, that was very easy, just using salt water. After I knew the method, I can always enjoy fresh pineapple.


It is very easy. Make salt water and soak pineapples. That's it.

1)Peel the pineapple skin and cut them.

2)Make salt water and soak pineapples for a half day in fridge. If the taste is still sour or your mouth feels burning or discomfort, make them soak longer.

Please refer to the following videos how to cut fresh pineapple;

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